Peas Please

Peas Please

We’re making a Pledge for More Veg


We all know that veg is good for us, but we don’t eat enough of it. According to a study done by the Food Foundation, everyone in the UK needs to be eating at least one extra portion of veg a day to help live better, healthier lives. 

However, we recognise that in our busy day-to-day lives it can be difficult to increase the amount of veg we eat for a range of reasons.  That’s why we’re pledging to play our part to help everyone in Britain to eat an extra portion of veg a day.  


In order to make sure we achieve this, we have committed to the following targets:


  • As a minimum we will advertise veg monthly through our owned print and digital channels. Additionally, we will endeavour to advertise veg through our external print advertising channels. 
  • We will continue to advertise veg through ‘Pick of the Week’ on the Lidl UK website landing page. 
  • Going forward we will ensure that all main-course recipes include at least two portions of veg. 
  • At least once a month we will post an appealing mention of veg on social media. We will aim to grow this over time 
  • We will reposition veg (alongside fruit) to the front of the store as part of our new store rollout. 
  • We will aim for half of our monthly pick of the week promotions to be veg (which equates to six or more veg lines promoted per month). 
  • After the success of introducing vegetables into the fun size range we will expand the offering of veg as part of this category, making veg attractive and appealing to children. 
  • We will challenge suppliers to develop new products for our Fun Size range (developing flavour profile, range, innovation, showcase new varieties) 
  • We will continue our close working relationship with our suppliers to bring new and innovative vegetables to the market.
  • We will ensure that all pre-prepared ready meals contain either an 80g portion of veg or an equivalent serving suggestion on pack.