Sustainable diets

Our goal is to support and empower our customers to eat more sustainably and in doing so, maintain long-term food security.

The planetary health diet is the scientific basis for global dietary change. If everyone were to follow a plant-based diet, around 10 billion people could be fed healthy food by 2050 without overburdening the planet. To support this transition we are taking steps to better understand the current status of our customer’s diets and setting goals to support the transition towards more sustainable diets.

Our strategy aims to gradually increase the share of plant-based protein sources within our ranges and to promote the consumption of sustainably sourced raw materials and meat-based products.

Annual Protein Disclosure

We have committed to reporting the sales of plant-based protein as a percentage of overall protein on an annual basis.

food and milk protein source disclosure

Increasing plant-based protein sources

meat free jan

We are committed increasing the proportion of plant-based protein sources in line with the planetary health diet. To support this, we have set the following goal: By the end of 2025, we will deliver a 400% sales increase in our own brand meat free and milk alternative range, against a 2020 baseline.

To help customers that wish to buy vegan and vegetarian products within our stores we have launched the Vemondo product range. This range, which includes a number of permanently listed products, as well as promotional products at key tines of the year, such as Veganuary, enables our customers to increase their plant-based protein sources at market leading prices. In addition to the Vemondo range, we sell a wide assortment of nuts and pulses, all of which will be captured within our protein disclosure reporting.

Sustainable sourcing

Alongside developing our plant-based range, and to help customers to access a more sustainable diet, we are committed to sourcing our products and raw materials from verified sustainable sources.

We are committed to sourcing our key raw materials from responsible and sustainable sources. These include fruit and vegetables, soy, palm oil, coffee, tea, cocoa, rice, nuts, meat, fish and seafood. In addition to this, we recognise the role that British livestock farming plays in the production of sustainable production and ensure 100% of our British produce is sourced to Red Tractor standards.

Full details can be found in the Healthy & Sustainable Diets policy: