Human Rights and Ethical Trade

Human Rights in the Supply Chain Policy

Gender Equality in the Supply Chain Policy

Human Rights & Environmental Due Diligence Policy

Schwarz Group Human Rights Policy Statement 

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Animal Welfare

Animal Health & Welfare Policy

Antibiotic Stewardship Policy

Raw Materials

Raw Materials Policy
Sustainable Coffee Sourcing Policy
Sustainable Tea Sourcing Policy
Sustainable Fish & Seafood Policy
Sustainable Cocoa Sourcing Policy
Sustainable Egg Sourcing Policy

Deforestation Policy

Sustainable Palm Oil Sourcing Policy
Sustainable Soy Sourcing Policy
Sustainable Timber & Wood-Based Products Policy
Sustainable Fruit & Veg Sourcing Policy
Sustainable Plants & Flowers Sourcing Policy

Responsible Sourcing and Consumption of Water Policy 

Plastics and Packaging

Packaging Formats & Material Preferences

Microplastics Policy

Healthy and Sustainable Diets


Healthy and Sustainable Diets Policy

Food Safety Policy