Sustainable raw materials

Our commitment

When it comes to tackling deforestation, we have the responsibility to ensure that the raw materials in our products, are grown and harvested sustainably.

Approximately 30% of the world’s land mass is covered by forest land. Many of the world’s threatened species and endangered animals live in forests, and 1.6 billion people rely on the benefits that forests have to offer, such as food, fresh water and clothing. Forests are also home to much of the world’s biodiversity and play a critical role in mitigating climate change; 15% of greenhouse gas emissions are released as a result of deforestation as carbon is released into the atmosphere. 

We have made a commitment to ensure that we are working towards deforestation-free supply chains. To make sure we have a clear impact, we are focussing our efforts on our palm oil, soy and timber supply chains, which have been identified as the highest risk for deforestation. 


Our approach