Palm Oil

Responsibly Sourced Palm Oil

Raw material goals

Palm oil is an extremely versatile and efficient oil crop, making it the most widely used vegetable oil in the world. Unlike sunflower oil and rapeseed oil, palm oil is hard at room temperature, giving it unique properties when used in the production of food and household products. Palm oil is used in a range of our food and non-food products including margarine, biscuits and bread.

Palm oil is best grown near the equator, with 80% of global production taking place in Malaysia and Indonesia. When grown in a non-sustainable way, palm oil can lead to devastating deforestation and harm to the natural environment.

Through our commitment to sourcing palm oil from RSPO certified sources we ensure that growers commit to principles of environmental responsibility, the conservation of natural resources and transparency. Through our annual supplier review we track sustainable palm oil usage within our product ranges, including whether palm oil is sourced through mass balance or segregated supply chain models.


Responsible and Sustainable Sourcing