Labelling transparency

croissant labelling pic

We are committed to continuously looking to improve the transparency of information on packaging, empowering our customers to make informed healthier and more sustainable food choices. We understand that there is a fine balance between providing too much information and too little information on pack and so aim to review this on a continual basis.

Traffic light labelling

Lidl first adopted front of pack traffic light labelling in 2013. We are committed to continue including this on pack, where possible.

This form of labelling is a voluntary approach, led by the government, to increasing visibility of nutrition information. It uses a simple colour-coding system which can be used by customers to make food choices based on easily accessible, understandable and comparable nutrition information.

We strive to improve our traffic light labelling by reformulating our own brand products, with the aim to shift ‘reds’ to ‘ambers’ and ‘greens’.

Full details can be found in the Healthy & Sustainable Diets policy:

Nutrition and Health Claims

We understand that identifying products with key nutritional benefits can be a challenge. That is why we are committed to responsibly labelling nutrition and health claims on packaging. We will continue to review the products which have these claims on pack, with a view to minimise confusion for our customers.

We are also committed to continuing to investigate responsible labelling related to animal welfare and eco score to further help our customers to make informed food choices. More information can be found here: