Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare

Our Commitment

Animal welfare

At Lidl GB, we work hard to ensure that all animals in our supply chain live a good life. We do this through a wide range of actions, and our partnerships with organisations like Red Tractor and RSPCA Assured.

We’re proud of the strong relationships with British suppliers that we’ve cultivated through our lean buying practices. Importantly, championing British farming means that we can provide products with leading welfare standards, at an affordable price.


Our approach


five freedoms video

Learn more about our approach to animal welfare below.

The five freedoms

The five freedoms principle established by the Farm Animal Welfare Council underpins all of our work on this topic. To learn more, watch the video from Scotland's Rural College, where Emma Baxter, Senior Researcher explains what this means for animals in our supply chain.

Purchasing animal-based products responsibly

Many of our own-brand products contain raw materials that come from animals. We expect our suppliers to maintain high animal welfare standards throughout the production process. This includes ensuring access to pasture or outdoor areas for animals, in addition to meeting certain transport and ethical slaughtering requirements.

Increasing our free range offer

We’re sourcing more of our shell eggs and egg ingredients from cage free hens. Learn more below.



updated eggs table

*Figures based on number of shell eggs sold

**The covid-19 pandemic caused unique and significant challenges for the egg sector. Impacts such as the closure of the hospitality sector, the rise of home baking during periods of lockdown and challenges relating to the labour market disrupted supply chain forecasts within the industry. Lidl worked hard with its supply case during this period to keep its shelves stocked with high quality eggs at competitive prices, ensuring it met customer demand throughout this unprecedented period. Due to these unforeseen circumstances Lidl is reporting an increase in the proportion of enriched caged-eggs versus cage-free eggs in FY20/21 in comparison with FY 19/20. Despite this, Lidl is engaging closely with its supply base on the conversion to 100% cage-free eggs by 2025 and remains committed to achieving this goal.

Increasing animal welfare standards

We’re proud to promote and implement husbandry conditions that go beyond industry standards, working closely with our suppliers. Read more about some of our projects below.

To learn about our dairy supply chain in particular, please click here.


We’re committed to being transparent about how our animals are looked after, so that our shoppers can make conscious, informed purchasing decisions. Learn more below.

More steps we're taking on animal welfare

To find out more, read our latest 'Good Food' sustainability report: Lidl Great Britain

Our goals

By 2025

Have robust animal welfare action plans in place for six key categories, being delivered against for each of our primary proteins.

By 2025

Sell 100% of our eggs from cage-free hens. Ensure that our free-range organic eggs are RSPCA Assured.

By 2025

Increase the space allocated to our own-label fresh chickens by 20% above the industry standard, elevating the wellbeing for these animals. Reduce the maximum stocking density to 30kg/sqm.

Our partners

We’re proud to partner and engage in dialogue with our suppliers as well as Red Tractor, RSPCA, Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), WWF and the NFU on how best to improve animal welfare in our supply chain.