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Supplier Relationships

Committed to British food and farming

Buying British

We have been a part of the British market for the last 25 years, and in this time have built long lasting supplier relationships, enabling local businesses to grow with us and continually expanding our British sourcing.

We are committed to investing in the British food and farming economy and championing British farmers. This is evident through our endorsement of the NFU’s (National Farmers Union) Back British Farming Charter and Fruit and Veg Pledge. Being part of the world's biggest retail network means that we are able to broaden our suppliers’ market and promote the best of British produce.

Products available from British suppliers and producers have grown substantially in recent years. Currently two in every three products within our permanent range are from British suppliers and a fifth of Lidl products sold in Scotland are sourced from Scottish suppliers. We now offer over 1800 British-made products, including our everyday eggs, milk, cream, butter, fresh beef and fresh chicken.

We have made the commitment to increase the number of suppliers that are covered by long-term contracts, providing greater business security for our producers and farmers. An example of this is our Grassroots Dairy Partnership with Müller Milk & Ingredients, where we were the first retailer in Britain to commit to a  fixed milk price for farmers as part of a three year commercial agreement. Through this partnership we are also helping to support and train the next generation of UK dairy farmers. For further information, click here.

Through long-term buying commitments with our suppliers we are also able to work closely and collaboratively on a wide range of sustainability issues including plastic reduction, tackling modern day slavery and carbon reduction. By working together with our suppliers in this way, we believe that we are able to achieve sustainable results.

Some of our achievements

Two thirds of our products are sourced from British suppliers

100% of our everyday eggs, milk, cream, butter, fresh beef and fresh primary chicken is British

We have signed the NFU Fruit and Veg Pledge and the Back British Farming Charter

All of our British fresh meat, dairy and fruit and veg is Red Tractor Assured