Duck Production Methods

Lidl's Duck Welfare Label Initiative

All the fresh duck sold within our core food range is farmed to best practice guidance and independently audited with full traceability from the farm to the supplier.

The assurance standard we work with ensures that the welfare of the ducks is kept to an approved standard by trained stock people. Welfare indicators of the ducks, such as physical condition, behaviour, temperature, ventilation as well as feed and water are closely monitored.

Duck Production Methods

Further Information:

Method of Production 


British Indoor

British Indoor+

British Free Range

British Organic 

Space Allowance

Ireland = Maximum stocking density 19 - 39 kg/Maximum stocking density of 17 kg/m² depending on weight and age

EU = Maximum stocking density 19 - 52 kg/Maximum stocking density of 17 kg/m²

Maximum stocking density between 17 - 24 kg/m² depending on age and weight 

Maximum stocking density of 17 kg/m² 

Maximum stocking density of 17 kg/m²

Maximum stocking density of 21kg/m² (fixed housing)

Maximum stocking density of 30 kg/m² (mobile housing)

Animal welfare/ Enrichment

Ireland = Specific suppliers to Lidl GB to provide water baths

EU = Constant Access to food water

30cm of bathing water per 100 birds to allow them to cover their heads and bath without difficulty 

Constant access to straw to encourage natural behaviour 


More space to encourage natural behaviour

50cm of open water per 100 birds below 21 days old and 833cm of open water space for birds 21 days and older 

The bird is free to cover its head fully in water and shake over its body

Indoor and Indoor+, plus: 

Minimum outdoor area of 8m² per bird

Natural cover, such as trees, bushes or artificial cover such as shelters

Outdoor enrichment, such as ponds, can also be included 


Access to a continuous outdoor range area (of 4.5m² per bird) for a minimum of 2/3 of their life

Organic straw as a litter material (best practice only)

Outdoor access to a pond, stream, lake or pool 

Assurance Partners

Bord Bia Quality Assurance

Red Tractor 

RSPCA Assured

Red Tractor 

RSPCA Assured

Red Tractor 

Organic Farmers & Growers

EU Organic Label

RSPCA Assured

Red Tractor 


Assurance Partners