Method of Production Labelling

Method of Production Labelling

Lidl's Welfare Label Initiative

At Lidl, we are committed to empowering our customers by being transparent about the animal rearing methods of the products available in our stores.

Our customers have told us that animal welfare standards and greater supply chain transparency are important to them. According to our research, 71% have said that they want retailers to be more transparent with the information displayed on the packaging.  This is why we are providing more details on how our animals are reared (i.e. in what type of farming system they live in), and how these systems impact their welfare, through our new Method of Production Labelling Initiative called Welfare Windows. We believe that through this initiative, we can raise awareness of British farming standards and help customers to learn more about the products that they buy from us in our stores.

Following the successful trial of Welfare Windows within our fresh chicken product range,  we have extended the labelling initiative to further primary protein categories, including fresh, duck, turkey, pork and egg products.

“We are delighted Lidl are taking this step to ensure that labels on their fresh chicken clearly shows the method of production and we applaud them for being the first retailer in Britain to voluntarily do this on chicken.” Senior Scientific Officer for Farm Animals at the RSPCA

Through displaying a simple but descriptive message we are helping customers to make more informed purchasing decisions about the product they are buying in our stores.

Our Welfare Windows clearly explain the method of production used by our farmers to rear the animals we sell, whether they be from within ‘extensive’  outdoor systems or from the more ‘intensive’ indoor farming systems.

Through our commitment to sourcing 100% of our British fresh meat, poultry and eggs from trusted third party assurance schemes, such as the Red Tractor and the RSPCA, our customers can be reassured that the health and wellbeing of the animals in our supply chain remains a top priority, regardless of the type of the production system in place.

We believe it is important to work with a range of production systems to meet our vision of ‘making good food accessible to everyone’.

Example: Egg Welfare Windows

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Lidl is proud to be supported by third-party assurance standards