Turkey Production Methods

Lidl’s Turkey Welfare Label Initiative

All of the fresh turkeys in our core range are 100% British and grown under the Red Tractor assurance standard. Under this standard, turkeys are carefully reared in safe and comfortable barns with pecking objects to encourage their naturally inquisitive nature.

This standard ensures that farms are audited at least once a year and that strict rules are being followed regarding the bird's health, welfare and safety.

Feed and water consumption is closely monitored and the barn temperatures are closely controlled to ensure the birds remain comfortable.

For more information on British Indoor Turkey systems looks like please click here.

Turkey Production Methods

Further Information:

Method of Production


British Indoor

British Indoor+

British Free Range

British Organic

Space Allowance

Maximum stocking density 58 kg/m² for roosters 

Maximum stocking density 52 kg/m² for hens 

Maximum stocking density between 17 - 59 kg/m² depending on age and weight 

Maximum stocking density of 25 kg/m²

Maximum stocking density of 25 kg/m²

Maximum stocking density of 21 kg/m² (fixed housing)

Maximum stocking density of 30 kg/m² (mobile housing) 

Animal Welfare/ Enrichment

Constant access to dry bedding

1 pecking object per 1,000 birds

Hospital pen to allow the animal to recover if it becomes unwell

Constant access to dry bedding 

Constant access to dry bedding

Exposure to natural daylight after first 35 days at all times

1 large straw bale or 2 small bales per 1,000 birds

2 metres of perch space per 1,000 birds

2 lengths of rope per 1,000 birds

Indoor and Indoor+ standards, plus: 

Minimum outdoor area of 4m² per bird

Natural cover 

Outdoor enrichment areas for dust bathing, foraging and perching 

Access to a continuous outdoor range area (of 10m² per bird) for a minimum of 2/3 of their life

Organic straw as a litter material (best practice) 

Exposure to natural daylight from an early age 

40cm per bird for perching space

4 pop holes per 100m²

Assurance Partners


Red Tractor 

RSPCA Assured

Red Tractor 

RSPCA Assured

Red Tractor 

Organic Farmers & Growers

EU Organic Label

RSPCA Assured

Red Tractor 


Assurance Partners

CASE STUDY – Lidl and the Silver Slate Turkey

Silver slate turkeys are a heritage breed of British Free Range bird that were almost lost to the commercial world. Working closely with our key supplier we reinvigorated the supply chain and now proudly sell them on our shelves at Christmas.

Grown in the woodlands of Norfolk, our silver slate turkeys have exceptional options for natural cover, ranging and foraging. The birds have beautiful silvery cream-coloured feathers with a blue hue that is flecked with black. These birds;

  • are naturally slow-growing
  • have a strong muscle formation 
  • have a greater leg health
  • have a good body structure.

These features support high overall welfare outcomes.