Making healthy eating accessible for everyone

Healthy eating goals

The latest research presents the shockingly high rates of obesity among adults and children in the UK. We believe that healthy eating should be affordable and appealing to everyone. 

Making it easy to eat well starts with offering fresh quality produce at the best price. It also involves clear, accurate information in-store and on packs, as well as continually making our products healthier and creating healthy ranges that appeal to children.

Getting your 5 a day has never been easier

Our goal is to make it easy for families on a budget to make healthy choices.  We’re now selling more fruit and veg than ever before and (as a proportion of the grocery basket) more than any other supermarket!  We are able to do this by ensuring our prices of our healthy food are kept consistently low and supported by our strong ‘Pick of the Week’ promotions.

For many years we’ve stopped selling sweets and sugary treats at our checkouts and recently we moved fruit and veg to the front of our stores making it even more accessible and the first choice for our customers.

In 2017, we were one of the founder signatories to the Food Foundation’s Peas Please pledge. As part of the initiative we are committing to run more discounts on vegetables, in a bid to making greens more affordable for more families. 

Oaklands funsize

Making Our Product Healthier

We are working hard to reduce the salt and sugar in our products, in line with government targets.  For sugar, we have now removed 1,083 tonnes from our biscuits and 228 tonnes from chocolate products through low sugar recipes and/or reduced pack sizes.

Almost all (96%) of our own brand products are now aligned to world-leading salt reduction targets, a 9% increase on 2017.

Fun-sizing our fruit and veg

We were the first British supermarket to introduce a range of fresh fruit and vegetables that are specifically targeted towards children, helping families with the ongoing challenge of inspiring younger generations to eat their greens and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our Oaklands Fun Size range contains miniature versions of ordinary fruit and vegetable varieties. Playful names and colourful characters help make products more appealing to younger generations, including Broccoli Trees, Cauliflower Clouds, Sweet Potato Piggies, Romanesaurus Rex (mini Romanesco broccoli) and Unicorn Carrots.