Making healthy food accessible to everyone

Our goal is to make healthy food accessible and affordable for everyone, especially for families on a budget where we know the challenges can often be greater.

Making it easy to eat well starts with offering fresh quality produce at the best price. It also involves clear, accurate information in-store and on packs, as well as continually making our products healthier and creating healthy ranges that appeal to children.

Our customers have told us how important healthy eating is to them but we know that, for all of us, making healthy choices isn't easy. There is no silver bullet to achieving a nutritious, balanced diet. Success will therefore take time.

This is why we are testing, trialling and implementing multiple interventions across a range of areas to deliver the most effective outcome with the greatest impact. Through our initiatives and research we are better understanding the complexities behind making healthier choices.

Our approach focuses on two key themes:

  1. Healthier food
  2. Healthier choices

We also recognise the value in collaborating with and learning from others. In 2017, we were one of the founder signatories to the Food Foundation’s Peas Please pledge. This initiative commits us to running more discounts on vegetables, in a bid to making our greens more affordable for more families.