Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

Making healthy food accessible to everyone

We want to make healthy food accessible to everyone, that's our goal, especially for those families on a budget where we know the challenges can be greater.

Listening to our customers, we know how important healthy eating is to them and that they want more help in making it as easy as possible. Through our research, carried our since 2018, we have a better understanding of the complexities behind why it's hard for them to make healthier choices. We've used this insight to shape our approach to helping our customers eat more healthily.

Making those healthy choices isn’t easy. There is no silver bullet to reaching that balanced diet, therefore our approach focusses on making multiple interventions across a range of areas to deliver the most effective outcome.  But it will take time, and as part of this journey we will test, trial and implement different initiatives to deliver the greatest impact.

Our approach focuses on two key themes:

  1. Healthier food
  2. Healthier choices

In our Health and Nutrition policy we outline the steps we are taking to promote health and nutrition, whether that be the formulation of recipes or the selection of food additives used in our products.

We also recognise the value in collaborating with and learning from others and welcome regulatory measures aimed at tackling the obestity crisis in the UK. In 2017, we were one of the founder signatories to the Food Foundation’s Peas Please pledge. This initiative commits us to running more discounts on vegetables, in a bid to making our greens more affordable for more families.