Our Fairtrade Banana Supply Chain

Our Fairtrade Banana Supply Chain

Our Fairtrade Banana Supply Chain

We are working closely with our suppliers to increase supply chain transparency. This includes closely checking every box of bananas as it moves from farms, through packhouses, onto ships and into our stores.

Every box of bananas in our stores clearly states the country of origin and we use this knowledge to help support our sustainability initiatives. We are committed to sourcing 100% of our bananas from either Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance certified sources. By ensuring that all the bananas are independently certified we are working hard to support sustainable production methods which conserve natural resources and promotes community development. A full overview of the steps we are taking within our banana supply chain can be found here.

The supply list below, updated every year, identifies the countries and regions of all the Fairtrade bananas sold in our stores during 2019. We have extended our transparency to include worker information including worker gender splits from sourcing locations.

Key Sourcing Regions

Number of farms: 11

Worker Gender: 74% Male; 26% Female


  • Big Creek District

Number of farms: 84

Worker Gender: 92% Male; 8% Female


  • Santa Marta
  • Turbo

Number of farms: 22

Worker Gender: 83% Male; 17% Female


  • San Jose

Number of farms: 420

Worker Gender: 84% Male; 16% Female


  • Manzanillo

Number of farms: 5


Worker Gender: 73% Male; 27% Female


  • Corinto




Sustainably Certified


Plantation Workers



Fairtrade banana sourcing locations
Meet one of our banana farmers - Ramón Tranquilino Medrano

Meet one of our banana farmers - Ramón Tranquilino Medrano

Ramón Tranquilino Medrano is a smallholder banana producer based in the Valverde region of the Dominican Republic. He has worked in banana production for thirteen years and believes that the Fairtrade system has allowed him to keep his farm alive. With the support of the Fairtrade premium he has been able to diversify his farm and increase his overall income.

“Fairtrade extends our hands and cares for the most unprotected, allowing us as a small producer with their support to survive.”