Plants & Flowers

Plants & Flowers

Responsible sourcing of plants and flowers


We are committed to sourcing 100% of our flowers and plants from sources certified with both environmental and social standards by the end of 2020.

Lidl GB is committed to British sourcing and, when seasonally possible, sources plants and flowers from long-term British suppliers. These includes iconic British products, such as Daffodils, Gladioli and Hyacinth. However, due to the growth and nature of the horticultural industry, most of the plants and flowers grown within Europe come from the Netherlands and Italy, whilst a large portion of production takes place in countries where climate conditions are more favourable to grow flowers all year around such as Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya and Ethiopia.

We acknowledge that the improper use of pesticides in the horticultural industry can lead to health issues for employees and cause harm to the environment and the biodiversity of the area, especially in countries where appropriate protective measures are not common. Also we are aware that the flower industry has a largely female workforce, which can be more vulnerable to poor working conditions and human rights violations.

At Lidl, we are committed to sourcing our plants and flowers from suppliers who uphold high social and environmental standards, and work with suppliers that have internationally recognised schemes to accredit these practices. 

Download our 'Responsible Sourcing of Plants and Flowers' policy

Our Standards

Environmental standards

- The  GLOBALG.A.P: 

- The Ornamental Standard of Bord Bia’s Horticulture Quality Assurance Scheme 

- The British Ornamental Plant Producers’ (BOPP) Certification Scheme

- Red Tractor

Social standards

  • The GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice (GRASP) module (or equivalent)
  • The MPS Socially Qualified certificate (MPS-SQ)
  • The Fairtrade Standard for Flowers and Plants 
  • The Social Accountability International Standard SA 8000 

Championing British

In addition to this we champion British sourcing and, when seasonally possible, source plants and flowers from long-term British suppliers. To support this commitment we have taken the following steps:

  • Introduced a spring / autumn programme of weekly British bedding plants
  • Worked with British growers to develop ‘value’bunches of Tulips, Stocks, Sunflowers and Sweet Williams
  • Introduced British sourcing of lilies, spring bouquets and rainbow tulips